1. Vibrant Downtowns help to create diversified and economically secure communities.

2. A healthy Downtown can work to attract new business and people into the region.

3. Healthy Downtowns are important factors for industrial and commercial developers, and profes- sional recruitment.

4. Downtowns enhance the cultural flavor of the town, village or City by providing a link to their community’s past through their historical buildings and locations.

5. A strong Downtown provides a central location for community and cultural events, festivals and entertain- ment.

6. Downtowns traditionally are the home of the most essential public services like City Hall, Provincial and Federal Government offices, Library, Post Office, Court House, Financial and Professional services and transit hubs. These together make the Downtown core a major community employer.

7. Downtowns support and encourage sustainable community development policies, initiatives and actions.

8. Downtowns have a focus on cultural activity, heritage preservation, tourism promotion, festivals and events, shopping, dining, safety, beautification and civic pride as well as a range of other activities.

9. Strong Downtowns help reduce urban sprawl by concentrating activity in one concentrated area with the existing infrastructure.

10. Downtowns are the “Heart and Soul” of the community, and are significant generators of wealth and employment in our Province