About Downtown New Brunswick

Downtown Centre-ville New Brunswick, (DCNB) is the unified voice of the 28 Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) in the Province. It is a membership organization with a mission to assist its members in developing best practices to achieve the most prosperous Downtowns possible.

The 28 BIAs in the province of New Brunswick are the only entities that solely focus on the Downtowns and represent large and small Downtown business interests. They are the purest form of economic development as the non-residential and commercial property owners levy themselves on the assessed value of their property and that levy is returned to the BIA for their operations.

A few facts:

– For every dollar spent, BIAs will generate $6 of economic development.
– The annual budget for all 28 BIAs in the Province of New Brunswick in 2017 was $2,743,740.
– The total tax base for BIAs in 2017 was $1,589,287,900.

Investing in our Downtowns is an excellent way to build a better New Brunswick.

– Downtowns are the heart and soul of our cities, towns and villages.
– Downtowns have a focus on cultural activity, heritage preservation, tourism promotion, festivals and events, shopping, dining, safety, beautification and civic pride.
– Vibrant Downtowns help to create diversified and economically secure communities. They attract new businesses and people into the region all the while creating employment opportunities for our youth.

DNB and the Province of NB worked together on the NB Planning initiative in 2013. This involved the preparation of detailed strategic plans, such as marketing, urban design and land use master plans by BIA’s throughout NB. These plans are designed to lead to a critical mass in the downtown areas that would produce a resource base necessary for future growth and maintain sustainable economic development in the community, leading to business areas that attract people to shop, live, work, visit and invest. The next phase is the implementation of the BIA plans.