Strategic Plan

Downtown Centre-ville New Brunswick, (DCNB) is the unified voice of the 28 Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) in the Province. We are a membership organization with a mission to assist its members in developing best practices to achieve the most prosperous Downtowns possible.

The Downtowns of New Brunswick represent a tax base of over 1.5 billion dollars . Since the inception of the Business Improvement Areas Act in the early 1980s, BIAs have been able to self impose a levy for the purposes of funding the goals and objectives of each organization. This has been critical to maintaining the relevance of our Downtowns to our respective communities.

Today we are still faced with many challenges such as the deterioration of our infrastructure, urban sprawl and reduced Provincial and Federal Programs aimed at keeping urban centres strong. In an attempt to address some of the issues confronting our Downtowns, we have developed a plan comprised of strategies to facilitate partnerships, and spearhead initiatives   to assist us in reaching our goals.

Strategic Plan -DCNB – December 2016 – FINAL